One of ARPA’s goals is to help raise the standards of regulatory professionals, and one of our primary platforms is through e-learning.

Through our online platform, acquire new skillsets at the comfort of your home! Enjoy 24×7 access to learning materials from any geographic location, and re-visit trainings as often as you need to refresh your knowledge.

Together with our chapter chairpersons, we are in the midst of expanding our course catalogue. Our training pipeline in the coming months is as follows:


CourseIntended audienceDescription
Fundamental RA courseFor students, or anyone with interest to acquire Regulatory knowledgeA series of fundamental trainings to introduce key concepts and practical tips of regulatory affairs
Commercial RA courseFor non-regulatory teams e.g. commercial team, supply chain team, etc …A short course to develop regulatory understanding for non-regulatory staff, so that different team members can work together to accelerate product launches
Specialized topics e.g. CE update, Medtech Distributor, Medtech QMS, RA soft skillsFor students and professionals in MedtechVarious standalone courses by different subject matter experts who will cover various trending topics in the regulatory field

Course developers or subject matter experts who are keen to contribute to our online learning hub, kindly contact us for more details.