Our Vision

To Raise The Standard & Social Recognition Of Regulatory Professionals As Part Of The Healthcare Team.

Our Mission

“Regulatorism” – a belief that all MedTech companies should have strong regulatory competency.

About ARPA

Established since 1st January 2010, the Asia Regulatory Professionals Association (ARPA) is an organization of Healthcare Regulatory Affairs professionals in Asia.  Our association consists of approximately 4,600 members who are based all over the world, including approximately 1,000 from Singapore, 1,000 from Hong Kong, 600 from the United States of America, 500 from China, 300 from India, and 150 from Taiwan. A diversified representation of different industry segments are represented, such as Medical Devices (1,200 members), Pharmaceuticals (950 members), Biotech (250 members), Recruitment (200 members), Health care (250 members), and more.

With our online community, tools & resources, as well as various face-to-face networking events, workshops and training sessions, ARPA offers a solid foundation for any regulatory professional and related professions, to develop their business network and their regulatory competencies. 

Jack Wong
Founder of Asia Regulatory Professionals Association (ARPA)

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Microsoft’s original mission was to put “a computer on every desk and in every home.”
ARPA’s mission is for “all Medtech companies to have a competent RA department”


Training Workshops for Regulators

ARPA has also conducted certified training workshops to health regulators globally.

Regulatory Publication

  • “Handbook of Medical Device Regulatory Affairs in Asia. (3rd Edition)”     (purchase link)
  • First releases in May 2013, this textbook was the first regulatory textbook released in Asia, and is intended to help further develop regulatory professionals
  • This textbook includes contributions from many experts in government, standard organisations and industries
  • Participating regulators and global organisations include:
    • AHWP
    • WHO
    • US FDA
    • EU
    • Japan PMDA

Community Development

ARPA supports handicapped individuals to learn and work as regulatory professionals.